Certified Vijnana Yoga Teacher Training 800 hours

shirley_pic_b&wShirley Woods has taught Yoga for more than sixteen years. She is in her own studio ‘Innerspace’ in Amsterdam. Orit has authorized her as Vijnana Yoga teacher trainer.
“I invite you to join me in this comprehensive three year Certified Vijnana Yoga Teacher Training. This is a relatively short commitment in a lifetime. We will establish a steady Yoga practice that is deeply informed by the rich tradition of Yoga and practically rooted in the present situation of life today. From our own practice and didactical training we learn to pass it on to others.”

Orit Sen-Gupta
has been my teacher for eighteen years. She said “For me, Yoga is Yoga, period.” But her way of practice and teaching is very particular, traditional and revolutionary at the same time, and eventually it received the name Vijñāna Yoga – practicing from inside. Her international foundation is now a worldwide network of highly practiced and trained teachers.

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One thought on “Introduction

  1. Hallo, I am interested in the teacher training and would be happy to receive the new folder and registration form
    many thanks in advance. eileen prince – macht


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