About Shirley

Shirley Woods Vinjana YogaShirley Woods
When we first encounter Yoga, we have no idea where it can lead to. That was my experience 22 years ago. Since then I have travelled through many gates. From the beginning, the doors kept opening, revealing what had never been imagined. From touching my toes, to standing on my hands. To the subtleties of the breath. To the simplicity of “Just Sitting”. To the treasures of the great texts. And to the joy of sharing it with others.
I am thankful to those who passed on their knowledge, from the very first yogini to Orit Sen Gupta. Orit has been my teacher for eighteen years.  She is a teacher with wide vision. I am fortunate to have her as a guide.
Over these years, I have been teaching Yoga and nurturing a studio. I practice and study. There is the desire to share this with others, not only specific knowledge, but the path of Yoga.

My studio is called Innerspace on the Elandsgracht , located in the centre of Amsterdam where I teach daily. I am honoured to guide Vijñāna Yoga Teacher Training.

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